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“How do I contact you to ask a question?”

– General questions should be compelled into a single, bullet-pointed email each week. I typically respond very early Sunday mornings, so please submit by Saturday evening. More pointed questions regarding programming, nutrition (for “Pro Package” clients) and the like can be discussed during our regular check-in calls.

“I have an emergency”

– Genuine emergencies that I need to be looped in on should be immediately communicated via email. Depending on circumstances we’ll connect appropriately as soon as possible.

"Is there a minimum commitment?"

– Yes, all new clients are asked to make an initial 3-month commitment.

"Why the 3-month commitment?"

– There are two primary factors going into this; the first, less important reason is the amount of time invested in setting new clients up and the costs associated with this process. The second, more important factor is that there simply isn’t a coach or a program out there who can speed up the body’s processes—real change takes time, and anyone pushing something else is full of sh*t.

“Can I switch plans?” 

– If you’d like to upgrade the level of support you receive from the “Varsity Package” to the “Pro Package” at any point we can absolutely do so. If we’re mid-month we’ll arrange to pro-rate the difference for the remainder of the month. If you decide you don’t need the level of support offered you by the “Pro Package” we’ll politely ask you to finish out the 3-month period before downgrading. Again, this is driven by investment costs as well as the time involved in true behavior change.

“How do I check in with you?”

– Check in calls are regularly scheduled for both packages. These calls are used to discuss programming, lifestyle changes, and in the case of “Pro Package” clients nutrition and behavior change. Questions regarding form can be submitted (with videos) through our smartphone app, and success stories can be direct-messaged through the app as well! (If you'd like a more complete outline of how communication works please contact us.)

“How do payments work?”

– In order to simplify things on our end we use PayPal to collect payments. We ask that three months are paid for up front in most cases (contact us to make an exception… this should not be a barrier to training), and from there move to a recurring monthly payment that can be cancelled at any time.

“What if I don’t know how to perform an exercise included in the workout?”

– All exercises include written, video, and photo guidelines. Further questions can be included in weekly emails.

“What if an exercise hurts to do?”

– While discomfort is absolutely a part of what you’ll experience, pain should not be. If something hurts in the wrong way stop doing it! What’s the wrong way? See below, but remember: you know your body. You’re in charge on that one, and I’d ask you to err on the side of caution.

“This hurts… it that bad?”

– Pain, in its genuine, sharp, acute, sudden and severe form is bad. We don’t need it, shouldn’t seek it out, and want to stop doing things if we feel it. “Burning”, “throbbing”, “aching” and “sore” may all be fine, and may actually be a sign that your body has been subjected to a stress it’s going to adapt to. We’re not after pain, but this isn’t a walk in the park either. When in doubt, sit it out.

"What if I'm not hurt, but I'm super sore?"

– Soreness is not the goal, but may be a concern at times. Unless you're worried about acute injury or experiencing real pain (see above) you can probably train through it and we can discuss during our next check in. If it's a regular concern it may be worth looking into both training and recovery factors.

“Do I need to be a member of a gym?”

– No! Look, gyms are great: tons of equipment, lots of space, showers, towels, cute guys and gals to ogle… Then again, gyms suck: lots of people, some don’t use the showers, half of the equipment just takes up all that lovely space…

Bottom line here is that at a certain level we’ll need to put some load on you: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells (apparently everything heavy ends in bell, huh?). If you’re willing to make a modest investment in some equipment and aren’t outrageously strong then you’re fine without a gym.

“Do I need to purchase any equipment?”

– In addition to referencing the above, I’d say that I recommend all of my clients purchase an inexpensive chest-strap heart rate monitor. These can be had from reputable manufacturers for less than $50 and do an awful lot for how we can approach conditioning. A watch with a timer (or phone), as well as a smartphone (for our app) are the only other things I’d expect people to have access to. Other needs can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis... if you've got access to some basic weights we can probably do some damage.

“Do I need to download any software?”

– While you don’t need to use it, our smartphone app is an incredibly convenient way to work with our programming and tracking. If you’d prefer though, there is a web portal that provides the same functionality and can be accessed from any internet browser.

"What if my gym doesn't have an internet connection... will the app still work?"

– The app requires a good internet connection. In cases where you may be training away from WiFi or a reliable signal all workouts can be printed from the web portal.

How can I get you to take a look at my form?

– Pro Package clients will be able to record and submit video directly from the app for this purpose.

“How strict does my diet need to be?”

– This is really on you and your goals. My job here is not to tell you what you have to do, but rather to help you decide what you’re willing to do what you can expect to get from it. Muffins don’t build muscles, and drinking a six-pack will never help you get a six-pack, but aside from general health I won’t push for anything you don’t want. Final thought: if you’re here and willing to invest the time and money to look this far, you should probably consider eating like a grown-up if you don’t already. It’s not that hard, and you really do get used to it.

“Can I still drink alcohol on your program?”

– Yes. I’d advise moderation, but as with food, once good health has been taken into account you decide what works for you. A similar stipulation applies: I’m going to ask you to work pretty hard—it might be a good idea to ensure that most nights you get some good recovery in, and alcohol inhibits that process.

“How do I track my food intake?”

– This will depend on what works for you. Our app synchs with MyFitnessPal, we can use food photos, or we can go pen and paper. The important thing here is that it doesn’t become yet another chore you resent and end up avoiding.

“Is there a cancellation policy?”

– All sales are final. Beyond the 3-month window training plans can be cancelled at any time provided at least 14-days written notice (email is fine) to the next billing date.

If there’s a true life emergency, let me know. The policy is that we cannot and will not refund purchases, but if you think an exception may be warranted then let’s talk.


Can I freeze/put in hold?

– Often times this is a much better approach than cancelling, and one I’d encourage in nearly every situation. If appropriate (at our sole discretion) we can pause a training plan for a two-week stretch to allow for the unexpected. That said, we can’t make this too easy–one of the unfortunate realities is that some portion of my value comes from the very fact that I cost you money: it makes you get up and do something you might not otherwise choose to do. 

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