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When you're ready for something more personalized and helpful than another weekend seminar. Take control of your growth.

Individual mentorships for trainers and coaches who are ready for something better than another generic workshop or certification promising to make your clients more "functional".
Tailored to your specific needs, this 12-week program is designed to help you identify and address growth opportunities, and to give you a structure to reevaluate and revisit your own professional growth over time. Want more information? Let us know here.

Debra, Trainer & Educator

"I have seen countless professionals experience success both educationally and with their own business after spending time with Jesse. Anyone who is lucky enough to have Jesse as a mentor is on the path to measurable and great improvement."


Alexa, Trainer

"Jesse is by far one of the best teachers/trainers I’ve had the pleasure of learning from. Hands down. Filled with energy, always prepared, using tools that are easily applicable—I can seriously go on and on. Honestly, I can thank Jesse for a large portion of my success as not only a Trainer but for my own self-growth."


Keiran, Strength Coach

"As a former two-sport collegiate athlete, I've had a lot of coaches both on the field and in the weight room. Hands down, Jesse is one of the most talented coaches/professionals I've ever worked with. I know first hand not only as a former coworker, but also as an athlete coached by Jesse.”

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